Flexible Drive Aware Open for Innovation Authentic (WITA)

WITA is a concept designed to provide an overview of and insight into the European culture, including:
• historical events
• historical connections
• cultural artifacts
• scientific discoveries and inventions
Thus WITA creates an understanding of the socio-psychological connections that shape actions and opinions today.

Currently we are working with COM/ON/FOURŪ, a service provider for personnel and organizational development, on a blended learning process for learning programs. This program will be available shortly.

The aim is for participants to acquire good general knowledge, as well as an understanding of their position amongst history, every day's routines, and their private and professional lives.
Relieved from fears caused by ignorance, participants will discover formerly unknown creativity and vitality in all areas.


Transparency of thought structures

Transparency of knowledge structures

acquire individual, connected knowledge through analysis /synthesis

I can use what I know

Grasping the core of a culture requires an understanding:

that no historical situation is unique
A systemic analysis of a specific historical event, e.g. the French Revolution, provides insight into its guiding and controlling mechanisms. However, stripped of their culture specific appearances, the very same mechanisms apply to the Russian Revolution or the Spartacus uprising in ancient Rome.

parallels between the peasant wars and international terrorism
charismatic leaders use the discontent and hatred of the less privileged, or those who consider themselves less privileged, to push through their ideological interests and claims for power. And the "shoulder shrugging offhandedness" with which the "undeservedly wealthy" regard "opulence" (from Salman Rushdie "Anger") and abundance stirs anger; the anger of the peasants against the landlords or the anger of people in the Third World against the First World.

the connections between the relativity theory and abstract art
The relativity theory has toppled the century-old assumption of consistency between sensual perception and physical reality. Today it is a known fact that human perception is merely a subjective encoding of physical reality. Thus art presents a subjective encoding of the individual reality of the artist.

of the origin of western capitalism in protestant reformation
Calvin's reformatory theories include the so called pre-destination theory, according to which an individual can recognize its status of being chosen by God by the comfort and luxury it accumulates on earth. This led to work ethics that boosted performance and to the abdication of worldly pleasures.
Who will not strive to prove that s/he is a chosen one. And who will not accumulate riches if s/he preserves the fruits of her/his labor well.

millennia of repeated futile attempts to build and rebuild the tower of Babel and its falls
"Pride comes before a fall" is the proverb. How many "proud" intends have caused fall and turmoil in history? How many presumptuous towers have fallen? One can find examples anywhere from ancient High cultures of the ancient Orient to modern times.